Welsh Rugby Union 

Welsh Rugby Union Social Media Training

We were tasked with designing a social media training session for 20 of the Welsh Rugby Union's Hub officers who are based in the Scarlets region in west Wales.

The objective was to increase confidence among the hub officers in using social media to promote and document their work.

We worked closely with the team at the WRU to design a session which was informative and interactive.

Here's how it looked...

We kicked off with an open conversation around the challenges faced by the officers when they're using social media, with a view to tackle some of the common issues in the session.

Platforms: We ran through the main platforms, the advantages, disadvantages, what to post and who to reach on each platform.

Top tips: Social media content doesn't have to be complicated or arduous to plan and these top tips were relevant to the way we think about social media from day to day and changing the way we think about it.

Repurposing content: We know that what works for Facebook might not necessarily work for Instagram, so we looked at how we could best repurpose content designed for one platform to be suitable for other platforms.

Making life easier: One of the big challenges in social media, particularly if it's only one small part of your role is creating content that stands out without too much effort. We looked at ways to make life easier, including creating a set of templates and using online apps like Canva to create eye-catching, thumb-stopping, professional looking content.

Bach o Gymraeg: Many of the hub officers work with Welsh language schools and in traditionally Welsh speaking areas. Naturally incorporating a bit of Welsh in to content and copy is important for the WRU and of course has many benefits. We looked at how to do this naturally without translating everything word for word.

Case studies: Including some case studies brought some of the theory to life, and demonstrated that effective social media content does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Workshop: Of course we had to get creative too... With everyone split in to groups, each group was given an objective relevant to their work to build a campaign which would help reach the campaign goal. In 30 minutes, each group was asked to identify at least two different target audiences, which platform(s) they'd use to reach each audience, the kind of content that they'd create and to plan and film some content. Each group then presented their ideas and their award-worthy videos to everyone else.