Bilingual Policy Statement

Bilingual Policy Statement

1.1: Libera Digital Ltd acknowledges and recognises the Welsh language in Wales and is committed to raising the profile of the language and ensuring the visibility of the language as a language to work and to live.

1.2: Libera Digital Ltd is a fully bilingual organisation and workplace, operating in Welsh and English. We hold ourselves to a high standard and take measures to ensure accuracy and correctness of our communications in both languages.

1.3: Libera Digital Ltd is committed to ensuring that at least 80% of its workforce are either proficient in the Welsh language or are active in learning Welsh.

1.4: When working in Wales, Libera Digital Ltd will make efforts to work with freelancers who are proficient in the Welsh language or learning Welsh.

2.1: We welcome correspondence in either language, and this will not affect the speed or quality of any replies or correspondence from Libera Digital Ltd.

2.2: Libera Digital Ltd are committed to maintaining a Welsh language version of our website.

3.1. Client work can be completed in either Welsh or English or bilingually, according to the client’s requirements.

4.1: Libera Digital Ltd’s own public-facing communication, such as, but not limited to, any events we organise or our social media posts will be made in the most appropriate language for that piece of work and the target audience.