Freshen Up Your Social Media Strategy for 2023

Looking to develop an effective social media strategy for 2023?
Alun Jones - March 2023

Saying "We need to be on X (social media platform)" is not a strategy. It's much better to take a step back and consider the purpose behind your actions.

Here are some key points that can help you build a blueprint for planning social media strategies:

⭕ ACHIEVE - Consider what you actually want to achieve.

⭕ AUDIENCE - Who is your audience? You need a deep understanding of this before you start. Where are they spending time?

⭕ PLATFORMS - Prioritize your platforms based on where your audience is. Then, make a plan or work with someone who can build a plan for each platform, detailing exactly why you're on (or going on) that platform.

⭕ CAPACITY - How far down your priority list will your capacity stretch? Managing this is key. You'll always lose some engagement by not posting on one platform, but the question is whether losing that engagement is worth it against the time you gain to spend on other, better-performing platforms. Do fewer platforms better.

⭕ AGILITY - If you're not getting good results, change things up. Social media changes quickly. Your strategy shouldn't stay the same simply because "that's the way we normally do it." Regularly review things, and maybe even start again.

Then, just do it.

With so many different platforms available, the days of simply saying "We need to be on social media" are coming to an end. The thinking and planning now needs to be much more strategic.

Remember, your social media strategy isn't set in stone. It should be constantly evolving and adapting to changes in the market and your audience. Use analytics to measure the success of your strategy and adjust accordingly. Don't be afraid to try new things and take risks - it's better to experiment and fail than to stay stagnant and miss opportunities for growth.