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Cwis Bob Dydd - TinInt

The client

Cwis Bob Dydd is a free Welsh language daily quiz app commissioned by S4C.

Digital company TinInt produces the app for S4C, and in 2023 Cwis Bob Dydd was in its second season, having amassed almost 5,000 users in its first season. 

The brief

The goal was to grow the user base by at least 200% in season 2, from 5,000 users to 10,000 users.

Working with TinInt, our brief was to bring social media and marketing expertise to the team to propel Cwis Bob Dydd and grow the audience.


Marketing is not just the thing that comes *after* the product.

Great marketing is integrated in the product development stage, whether your offering is a service, a t-shirt, or an app.

What is, and always will be, *the* most powerful marketing? Word-of-mouth.

After the rampant adoption of Wordle in 2020 on the back of users sharing their scores on social media and the following growth from that network effect, our vision was that Cwis Bob Dydd had to facilitate a way for users to share their scores straight from the app to social media in a visual, native way that would result in more and more people seeing the posts, feeling the FOMO and hitting 'download'. The digital word-of-mouth way.

Our marketing strategy from the start was split into 2 parts:

Social media advertising

What we did

2. After the initial ad campaign, the app had been running for a couple of weeks and we could employ social proof by referring to the number of people already using the app, the star rating from app libraries and some user testimonials.

3. We continuously switched up the creative assets by testing hypotheses, monitoring results and switching off the poorer-performing creatives to allow the budget to focus on best performers. We experimented with a range of content including professionally-shot video, UGC video, UGC images, locally-focused creative assets targeting specific areas in Wales, social proof assets, graphic-led and presenter-led graphics, and more. The data always informs our choices and strategy moving forward with paid social


Examples of organic content produced by us for the Cwis Bob Dydd and S4C social media accounts.

We leveraged platform collaboration features on Instagram to partner with bigger accounts and reach new audiences.

Influencer marketing

We worked with a highly relevant influencer to get Cwis Bob Dydd in front of a new audience and commissioned 3 videos, rather than a one-off video, to emphasise the habitual nature of the app being a game to come back to daily.

We were responsible for:


Almost 16,000 users signed up to play Cwis Bob Dydd in its second season, a 300%+ growth from the first season and 150%+ higher than the target set.