Menter a Busnes

Menter a Busnes Paid Ads Training

Menter a Busnes run a number of projects to support businesses across Wales. We were tasked with designing and delivering a comprehensive training prgramme around paid ads which would help increase the team's confidence in running ads as well as giving advice to businesses around online advertising.

We designed three half day sessions for the team at Menter a Busnes, each focussing on a different aspect of paid ads.

Session 1 was all about the basics of running paid ads - how to structure ads accounts, the theory around running ads, how do paid ads fit in to a wider marketing strategy, why we run ads, the basics of all the main platforms where we can run online paid ads, what exactly persuades us to click on an ad and how to set smart, measurable objectives.

It was time to get creative in session 2. This session was a deep dive in to ad creative. As (arguably) the main factor that dictates the success of online ads, we discussed ad placements on different platforms, how to think of ad creative ideas and hooks, followed by a run through of how to differentiate ads for different platforms, designing ads within the safe zones noted by platforms and general good practice. We concluded by looking at how to write effective copy and assessed real world ad creatives from relevant brands.

So we've set up the ads account and built the ads. Session 3 was designed to develop an understanding of what exactly happens next. Understanding landing pages, why the user experience is important, how to monitor ads, when and how to optimise, how to measure effectively, A/B testing and more.

We also included various workshops, discussions, demos and opportunities for those attending to really get stuck in during all three sessions.

Splitting these sessions in to three sessions which were also standalone sessions in and of themselves also helped Menter a Busnes ensure only the relevant team members attended each session. For example, graphic designers would benefit from a session based on ad creative but would not benefit to the same degree from a session based on the basics of how to run ads. 

"We had three great training sessions from Libera learning about Paid Ads on social media. Elan and Alun presented in a simple, understandable way and conveyed their expertise brilliantly. We learned a huge amount - thank you."

Gwenan Davies - Menter a Busnes