Pay Per Click Management

West Wales Holiday Cottages

The client

West Wales Holiday Cottages is a holiday cottage booking website. They manage bookings on 700+ cottages on behalf of owners across Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire.

The brief

The goal was to effectively manage the client's PPC accounts (Google and Microsoft Advertising), driving traffic and bookings on the website.

Developing and streamlining the structure of the accounts would be key to increasing ROAS over time. 

What we did

We started with a full account restructure, employing the latest best practice and advice from our Google platform account manager.

Once the structure was in place, we were able to work on the specifics - building campaigns from the ground up, structuring ad groups and writing great ads.

The result of this was an account that was fit for purpose and in tip-top condition ready for the busiest period of the year for bookings, comprising of a mix of responsive search campaigns, demand generation campaigns and Performance Max campaigns. We use a mix of bidding strategies across campaigns and have a significant number of exact match, phrase match and broad match keywords in order to get the best results.

We monitor the account daily and optimise the ads regularly where we need to make improvements and provide weekly insight reports to West Wales Holiday Cottages which include a narrative around the performance of the accounts.

What the client said 👇

A few months ago, we engaged with Libera to manage our PPC accounts. We were looking for a fresh perspective to our substantial investment in paid advertising, and we found just that while collaborating with Alun and Elan.

The team bring different skills to the running of the account and delve deep into the performance metrics, generating innovative marketing ideas for improvement.

Unlike other agencies, Alun and Elan don't present a report just full of numbers. Instead, they offer genuine insights, crafting a narrative of the accounts performance, identifying trends, and present new ideas to ensure our paid advertising delivers.

What started as a short-term relationship has evolved into a sustained partnership, a testament to how well it’s been working. We see Libera as an extension of our company, and they bring personality to our paid advertising strategy, demonstrating a genuine interest in our business and a commitment to driving success.

Diolch am bopeth!

Sian-Elin Davies - Business Director, West Wales Holiday Cottages